Here you will find feedback and comments from clients who have worked with me.

Testimonial for the 28 day programme

I’m recommending Vicki today! I’m at present going through an EFT programme with them and wow it’s amazing! I won’t go into why I needed it, but I needed it! I decided to step up and out and say I need help and Tiger Lily came forward. It’s been just amazing ❤️ if you’re struggling with anything from mindset to depression or anxiety then contact them. Local to Bexhill, and Vicki is lovely! So easy to listen to and talk to. She’s has literally saved me from myself ❤️

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Testimonial from W.Gates

Life Changing Experience

Life changing experience

I am not very good with words, but would like to explain that Vicki Chisholm has selflessly helped me through a very difficult phase of my life.  Caused by a coercively controlling and domestically abusive husband.

Vicki instantly sees the problems that I have been blind to,and through her excellent techniques has turned my life around for the better.  I am most grateful to have had the good fortune to have found Vicki and for the her to have helped me. I recommend that anyone who is looking for change, takes the time to invest in Vicki’s Coaching – Anonymous for personal safety.

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Life Changing

I have been seeing Vicki for several weeks with the hope that she could help me find better strategies to deal with situations or emotional issues, as I hadn’t been happy with how I was reacting. During our sessions she has explained how negative emotions and experiences stay in the body as trauma and pain, something I have been battling with for 7 years or so, having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and after having spinal surgery I was resigned to the fact that pain and painkillers were going to be in my life for ever…. well, roll on a few weeks and different exercises, including detachment, I have not needed painkillers or had the pain, that I had lived with for so long.
I can’t necessarily explain how or what has changed other than having more self belief and removing learnt patterns and reactions/behaviours.

EFT For Pain and Emotional Wellbeing – VM – Bexhill – on sea

Spinal Surgery and Fibromyalgia

I have had 6 skype sessions with Vicki.
I have to say I am a completely different person.
I am in the process of growing a very young massage therapy business and i was struggling a bit.
Vicki and I worked on fear, patience, confidence, more patience and a bit more fear and confidence.
I can honestly say that with the tapping and all the weekly homework sessions and goals, I am now a lot more confident, no where near as scared of things as I was and my massage therapy business is progressing nicely in the right direction.
I owe a lot of it to Vicki. I don’t feel I could have got this far without her input.

A Life Changing Experience