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Transform your LIFE, because you can!

Transform your life, you deserve to live your best life

Can you imagine how it would feel to transform your life and:

When you choose to transform your life, you will be empowered, feel focused, have increased motivation, be clear in what you want, believe in yourself again, feel confident, have less anxiety and fear, notice a more positive mindset, live a life you LOVE.

Are you ready to step up and Transform YOUR life?

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Transform your life now and reclaim your power!


If you could have the life you wanted, but not as much stress? How would that feel for you? Get involved and join our community on Facebook.

I have been where you are, I know exactly how you feel, it does get better. Transformational Life Coaching will help you get there. Try it for yourself  – Click here to find out more.

Some people call it living the dream, other people call it freedom, and some simply say… If only! When you believe you can you will! Just like making a cup of tea or coffee you learnt how to do that and now have the confidence to do it without thinking. But there was a time you couldn’t. We have to start somewhere. 

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Take a step back for 30 seconds, close your eyes and ask yourself this:

Are you living the life you hoped for?

If you said no, you’ve come to the right place. Let me show you how you can find out how you can be the leader of your life, step into your own power and live the life you thought you could only dream of. Transformational Coaching is waiting for you. 


28 Days to Personal Power, Self belief, Self development

How your personal power affects your day to day life

Have you ever said, I used to be able to do so much more than I can now? Are you tired of fighting and pushing yourself?

If you have answered yes, you may be losing your personal power.
Your personal power is easier to notice when you are happy and content with life. Why? see below: 
1. Nothing feels like an effort
2. Everything you do is from a happy place
3. You have more energy
4. You have more focus
5. You laugh with ease and don’t have to force a smile
When you lose your personal power life doesn’t feel as easy, here are some classic traits that show us we are not acting in our personal power: 
1. We are pleasing others and saying yes when we want to say no
2. We prioritise everyone else and lose focus on running our own lives
3. We feel drained
4. We lack confidence
5. We avoid doing what we need to do
6. We may feel depressed
7. We may feel anxious
8. We lack self belief
9. We have no focus
10. We avoid planning and may become disorganised
*This list is not exhaustive.
Have you ever noticed when you are around a particular person, how you feel inside? Have you noticed a change in your body language or thoughts? Some times other people are a massive influence on how we feel and how we act. Pay Attention to your own body, mind and emotions, follow your gut and start noticing your own ‘triggers’ that make you feel less than you are.
When your personal power is affected life can become challenging, but you have the power within you to over-ride the thoughts / feelings that affect you in that moment. Improve your personal power by increasing your positive self talk. Go back to basics if you need to and remind yourself of all the things you can do.
If you would like some guidance on your journey to personal development, I have this very juicy 28 days to personal power programme you can sign up for the launch right here.  I hope to see you there!
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