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Empower yourself with knowledge 🦋

Learning new things has always intrigued me, as a child I was so curious and wanted to know the ins and outs of everything. I was like a sponge, I would soak up all of this information and learn constantly.

However; as I grew into a teenager, the internet came alive. I would spend hours upon hours, researching and finding new information all the time, it was quite frustrating though with only dial up internet, sitting there waiting for the dial up tone to finish. Do you remember those days? 🤦🏼‍♀️

Anyhoo, times have changed greatly and my need to gain new knowledge, has not left me, so having google at the touch of a button is flipping awesome 😆

I do remember a time though, when my brain was frazzled. I couldn’t take anymore in. Life had been particularly difficult and burn out had consumed me. I genuinely thought in that moment, that my willingness to learn new things would be gone forever. Just picking up the phone was difficult, I didn’t want to see anyone, hear from anyone, and I had nothing left in me. I was an empty soul. Empower yourself with knowledge

I was so pleased that after a while I started looking for information to help me understand what was going on for me. This is when I was guided to the FREEDOM PROJECT run by women’s aid. I wasn’t just suffering from burn out. I was finally safe enough to start the recovery / healing process from domestic abuse. As my body relaxed, the recovery process for trauma had pulled me to a complete stop.

As I explored the abuse in more detail, it all suddenly made sense to me. I had to really dig deep into my healing to help me move out of this phase. So my journey began, and to this day, I’m still researching daily and my willingness to learn has become a daily activity again.

The difference now, is I’m not always going to google, I now go to my journal and continue to discover more about myself, my life, my relationships, and this is where I found peace within that I’m not alone. The journey I have been on is not an isolated thing. Thousands of people have suffered, but not many recover the way I did.

When you choose to empower yourself with knowledge you learn so much more about yourself than you realise.

Knowledge is your greatest asset. Whether that be in your career, personal development or hobby. The more research you do, the more empowered you will feel. The more empowered you are, the more knowledge and wisdom you gain. It’s a total win, win.

Surround yourself by those who are keen to learn, you will not only benefit from their knowledge and life experience you will also find you can help them too!

Be an empowered by woman by knowledge! Knowledge helps you grow personally, professionally, mentally and spiritually. It’s simply divine and majority of the time it’s FREE 🤩

Knowledge costs you time, but if you do it constructively it can also be a form of meditation, just like reading a good novel. Empower yourself with knowledgeEmpower yourself with knowledge

You don’t need to be afraid to learn more, it’s your divine right to grow, learn and develop the knowledge that feeds your brain and gives you hope 🦋

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How beliefs can impact your personal power…

Belief systems are not always conscious thoughts, sometimes they are subconscious and they can create havoc with our day to day lives.

Have you ever considered your reactions and behaviour changes in certain situations and immediately thought to yourself, I don’t know why I react like this?

Our subconscious can be a difficult mind map to uncover.

When you think all is well and suddenly things start changing in our lives, we have no idea why / how. This is when we need to take a look at our belief systems. In our belief systems we can sometimes find events, memories and trauma that have caused us to believe this way.

Here’s an example: 

As a child you can feel super proud of that task / work you just completed and then you show someone and they don’t praise you, they tell you what you could do to make it better next time. This is a common trait for children to carry, and our childhood memories are stored deep within our memory bank, but don’t always show up in our conscious thoughts. But in that moment as a child you feel super proud and don’t get any acknowledgement it is stored as the work / task you did wasn’t ‘good enough’. When this happens more and more this is when we form a negative belief that we are ‘NOT GOOD ENOUGH’ but is this belief true? How many other beliefs have you stored that are ‘not good enough’?

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By testing your own worth as an adult you can choose to acknowledge that it is good enough even if it’s just ‘for now’.

The negative beliefs we hold are worth looking at, are they really true in reality? WE hold so much and it takes time to work them out, but having a helping hand to help you alleviate the ones that are affecting your day to day life can help you feel lighter, more at ease with yourself and less reactive to them.

These false and negative beliefs have a huge impact on our personal power, they can make us feel less worthy, unloveable and can also assist in high levels of anxiety, fear, overthinking and stress. All of which do not contribute to a healthy way of being and certainly do decrease confidence, trust in self / others and really do hold us back in life.

All in all, this is another reason why I love EFT it supports us to acknowledge and accept our beliefs, whilst helping us to clear them with ease.

What have you tried to help you with false / negative beliefs, what has / hasn’t worked so far?