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Empower yourself with knowledge 🦋

Learning new things has always intrigued me, as a child I was so curious and wanted to know the ins and outs of everything. I was like a sponge, I would soak up all of this information and learn constantly.

However; as I grew into a teenager, the internet came alive. I would spend hours upon hours, researching and finding new information all the time, it was quite frustrating though with only dial up internet, sitting there waiting for the dial up tone to finish. Do you remember those days? 🤦🏼‍♀️

Anyhoo, times have changed greatly and my need to gain new knowledge, has not left me, so having google at the touch of a button is flipping awesome 😆

I do remember a time though, when my brain was frazzled. I couldn’t take anymore in. Life had been particularly difficult and burn out had consumed me. I genuinely thought in that moment, that my willingness to learn new things would be gone forever. Just picking up the phone was difficult, I didn’t want to see anyone, hear from anyone, and I had nothing left in me. I was an empty soul. Empower yourself with knowledge

I was so pleased that after a while I started looking for information to help me understand what was going on for me. This is when I was guided to the FREEDOM PROJECT run by women’s aid. I wasn’t just suffering from burn out. I was finally safe enough to start the recovery / healing process from domestic abuse. As my body relaxed, the recovery process for trauma had pulled me to a complete stop.

As I explored the abuse in more detail, it all suddenly made sense to me. I had to really dig deep into my healing to help me move out of this phase. So my journey began, and to this day, I’m still researching daily and my willingness to learn has become a daily activity again.

The difference now, is I’m not always going to google, I now go to my journal and continue to discover more about myself, my life, my relationships, and this is where I found peace within that I’m not alone. The journey I have been on is not an isolated thing. Thousands of people have suffered, but not many recover the way I did.

When you choose to empower yourself with knowledge you learn so much more about yourself than you realise.

Knowledge is your greatest asset. Whether that be in your career, personal development or hobby. The more research you do, the more empowered you will feel. The more empowered you are, the more knowledge and wisdom you gain. It’s a total win, win.

Surround yourself by those who are keen to learn, you will not only benefit from their knowledge and life experience you will also find you can help them too!

Be an empowered by woman by knowledge! Knowledge helps you grow personally, professionally, mentally and spiritually. It’s simply divine and majority of the time it’s FREE 🤩

Knowledge costs you time, but if you do it constructively it can also be a form of meditation, just like reading a good novel. Empower yourself with knowledgeEmpower yourself with knowledge

You don’t need to be afraid to learn more, it’s your divine right to grow, learn and develop the knowledge that feeds your brain and gives you hope 🦋

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Mumpreneurs are not crazy…

Mumpreneurs are not crazy, they are superstars!

Dearest Mumpreneurs… Are you tired of being stuck, frustrated that life doesn’t seem to get any better and then just as you take a step forward you feel like you’ve taken 100 back all over again?Mumpreneur

This is tiring, imagine running a business, looking after children, keeping the home running, maintaining a social life, relationships and being there for friends and family as well as dealing with the frustrating cycle life seems to keep you stuck in! It can seem impossible can’t it? If you are a mumpreneur reading this, I know you can relate to this. Because you are actively doing it, SUPERMUMS are not to be underestimated. I was once asked, “well what do you do in a day you sit at home, on the computer and have it ‘easy’ ”

I won’t tell you what profanities came out of my mouth that day! (I’m only human). I thought to myself you know what, let me list everything I do in a day and then you can tell me I have it easy. So I did! I wrote down every task, errand, housework, meal, school run and nursery run, and meetings. The time my day started and the time my day finished. I can confirm it’s no wonder I hit burn out 2 years after this point. mumpreneur

I was so determined to push myself into the ground, by running a business and looking after everything else. To this day I still do not know how I managed to keep it all up. Some of my days would start at 5am and not finish til 2am.

How do so many mumpreneurs cope? How on earth is this living your best life? This sounds like a massive headache, that drains every inch of life out of you, until one day something gives. This can be your heart and soul, your business, your relationships, your social life, the home… but the children; well they are on a planet of their own, they have ten thousand demands a day. Mumpreneurs have to PLAN, ORGANISE AND SCHEDULE THEIR LIVES, without strategic planning they fall apart, or worse, go through burn out.


Are you the mumpreneur that can relate to this?

When you look on social media and people post so much about happy they are, how perfect their life is. How amazing their children are, these perfect shining stars that are just so clever and fabulous. Yet here you are scrubbing breakfast off the wall whilst booking that business meeting… I am deadly serious. This was how my life used to be! Having 3 children under the age of 8 and running a business was definitely one of my most challenging times in business. I’m very pleased to say my children are now older and the physical strain of raising children is definitely less. Mumpreneurs make it work

Do I still juggle?

Yes of course I do, if I didn’t juggle and work around the kids, their clubs, their social life, they wouldn’t be happy and I would be pulling my hair out. I prefer to use the term ‘effective time management’. Mumpreneurs juggle so they can be there for their children and their business.

How do I manage it all?

Firstly I’m a mumprenuer – I make it work, as all mumpreneurs do. I pace myself, set SMART goals, sleep well and ask for help when I need it. As a single parent, you have to use effective time management skills, you have to plan everything strategically.

Key things to remember for all Mumpreneurs:

  • You are human
  • You need ME time
  • It does get easier
  • Little ones grow very fast
  • Enjoy the now
  • Pace yourself
  • Relax and breathe
  • Everything will all come together in time
  • Give yourself a break
Mumpreneur – give yourself a break, you are doing the best you can and that is enough
Self belief

What does your self belief have to do with your desired outcomes

So many times I hear people saying they have tried everything, but the cash flow is a problem, they are stuck in the rat race – well I know only too well how this cycle works, business is great and then suddenly things are little quieter and its a mad rush trying to play catch up with the cash flow.

Firstly – there is no right or wrong way to run YOUR business. There are ethics, policies, terms and conditions and so much more, but if you want to achieve you have to overcome the stigma of:  ‘You must do this and you must do that.

Are you using your intuition? What isn’t working? Are you emotionally projecting into your business?Worn out woman

Perhaps its as plain and simple as you are EXHAUSTED and not taking any time for you?

I was listening into a business support group and also through my own journey too, I realised that the only way to achieve any goal in this life is to believe in yourself.

But what if you can’t? What if life has thrown one too many curve balls, and you just don’t have the same fight you once did and picking up the pieces is getting harder and harder? Again, you are not alone in this situation. Many of us ‘goal pushers’ are all in the same boat. We push and push until we are exhausted or become ill, and in some cases our families take the strain of the business life.

However; what if you had that belief? What if you actually believed in yourself to reach that goal? Seems impossible, right?

No. No it isn’t right at all. 

Now is the time for you to take the action, look deep within yourself and ask  this very simple question:

On a scale of 1-10 – Do I believe I can achieve this goal right now?

I’m sure you will find that the self belief is not as high as you need it to be, once you have ironed out the kinks of your self belief and taken a little step back to look at the bigger picture you will see that ANY goal you set yourself is achievable, if you SIMPLY BELIEVE YOU CAN, YOU WILL.  

Well… as easy as it that sounds its not that easy, it’s not that easy to believe in yourself until you have worked through your core beliefs and work to free those beliefs, but all I can say is that IT IS POSSIBLE TO DO.