Powerful affirmations
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The power of positive and powerful affirmations

Your self talk sometimes needs training to be more positive and less limiting. This is when the power of positive and powerful affirmations empowers us to change our mindset.

The negative mind chatter, can create real havoc with our confidence, self esteem, and when we are in a place of judging others we are also under the spell of continuously judging ourselves. To be more than we currently are. But… not in a positive and self accepting way. This is when we find ourselves in constant conflict with our thoughts and feelings.

When do I know I need positive and powerful affirmations?

This is a question my clients ask me often. The truth is, we need powerful and positive affirmations everyday. They are the pinnacle of our drive, our focus, our determination, our motivation and our dreams.

It’s even more important to use powerful and positive affirmations when we are having a bad day. The powerful and positive messages we receive from the affirmations we give ourselves can really help us get through the bad days and they also inspire and encourage us on good days. Using powerful and positive affirmations gives us a clue to how we are feeling and where our negative belief systems are taking us.

The trick is to use powerful and positive affirmations each and everyday! Here’s 5 things you will notice if you use powerful and positive affirmations every day:

  1. Increase your self belief – if you repeat the same affirmation over and over but at the start notice you don’t believe in the affirmation, within a week your thoughts and feelings become aligned to this affirmation which in turn increases your self belief.
  2. Confidence grows – affirmations are amazingly beautiful at changing the way we think and feel about ourselves, as we develop belief in the affirmations we use we feel they are true and in turn we become more confident.
  3. Physical and mental energy increases – when you use these positive and powerful affirmations daily your inner critics and your negative self talk dissipates, in turn thus increases your positivity and your energy levels increase
  4. Find strength to conquer your fears – when you believe in the positive affirmations you tell yourself everyday you find a strength within you to really let go of the fear, without realising you are doing it.
  5. Feel better in yourself – by replacing negative thoughts with powerful and positive affirmations you create a space for you to feel good, vibrant and at peace with who you are.

This list is not exhaustive.

Here are some examples to help you along the way, keeping it simple, which one will you start with:

🦋 I’m free to be me, each and everyday

🦋 I’m happy and full of joy, more and more everyday

🦋 I’m safe and at peace with life as it stands

🦋 I am in control, with calm confidence

confidence, life coaching, Mumpreneur, Relationships, Self belief, Self development, self love

Visualise the confident woman you want to be 💫

Confident women  don’t grow on trees. Confidence grows from within you. It takes time to establish it. Especially if you have struggled with it. Consumed with fear, anxiety, judgements.

I still remember the days when I could barely look in the mirror, I didn’t like the reflection staring back at me. It caused me so much discomfort. Photos I hated with a passion. Deep down I knew I wasn’t happy, and I felt completely helpless. Everything I tried didn’t make any difference.

As I travelled through the days, weeks and months I had just accepted that I was ‘ugly’ full of flaws and imperfections that I could not accept.

Those days were dark, distant, confusing. I wished I was someone else. Anyone but me.

As time passed I took action to make small steps to move myself forward, I had to. My children needed me to woman up and sort out my insecurities.

My journey was tough, it was hard facing reality, when I all knew was to ignore it, keep suppressing it. When I found EFT I realised there was so much of me that was just not what I thought, my negative perceptions of myself were not true at all… they were all part of things I had been taught, told, made to believe.

As I progressed through learning EFT as a practitioner, I found some peace, and my energy was shifting, my confidence was coming back. As I plodded through my emotional state I noticed little shifts, and from this there was a realisation that if I wasn’t clear on what I truly wanted how would I grow into the woman I wanted to be.

I started taking small steps everyday. Below is how I implemented Visualisation to help me grow into the woman I am today 🥰

Step 1. Find a quiet space where you can close your eyes and simply breathe.

Step 2. Begin to focus on a place where you feel at peace, the beach, an open meadow, a castle, in your garden, in your room. A place that is warm, open and inviting. A place where peace and gratitude fill you to just be yourself.

Step 3. Listen to what is around you, if you are on a beach is there gentle waves, in a Field is the wind rustling the grass leaves, pay real attention to what is going on around you.

Step 4. Remember this is your space, your space to just be. Your space to do what you want with no judgement. Imagine that your confidence is shining through you. Visualise yourself as the confident woman you want to be. Do you want to dance without fear of judgment? Do you want to shout and say all the things that you don’t have the confidence to normally. Visualise as much as you can through this experience being specific and factual about what you want.

Step 5. Repeat this exercise every single day… letting go of the negative self talk, ignoring those limiting beliefs, you can be anything you want. You ARE a confident woman. This exercise will help you remember how confident, free and beautiful you are.

Step 6. Persist! Even if you are having a day when you can’t be bothered, do it anyway.

Step 7. Embrace the confidence that lies within you, it’s waiting for you to show up.


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Stepping into your goddess power… daunting eh?

Are you afraid of being the true Goddess you are?

I can’t speak / write for every other female in the world, but I am assured I have hit the nail on the head with this one… bare with me.

What do you see when you look at the confident, powerful woman in the mirror in front of you?

I bet you don’t see the power or the confidence, it’s more likely you are standing there picking holes in your appearance, weight, a spot, your hair, the way your thighs look or the way you dress.

It has become the norm to look in the mirror with hatred / shame. Social media has a huge impact for so many men and women in the world.

There’s a great saying and it really is so true…

Logic & Emotion do not mix

Your goddess self, does not start with how you look, it starts with how you feel. How do you feel about yourself?

Here are 10 ways you are destroying your inner goddess, you:

  1. Hate to look in the mirror
  2. Find fault in everything you do / say
  3. Can’t see the good in you
  4. Avoid taking risks
  5. Can’t deal with disappointment
  6. Don’t allow yourself to be ambitious
  7. Compare yourself to others
  8. Don’t accept yourself
  9. Self sabotage your goals
  10. Are living to please others

Can you resonate with any of these? Of course there are lots more we could add to the list, but I’m sure you get the jist.

One of my beliefs for many many years was ‘I’m not your typical girl, I should’ve been a man’ – I didn’t want to be a man, but at the same time I didn’t want to be a Barbie doll, woman. I didn’t look in the mirror and see beauty, I avoided looking in the mirror and only did my hair / make up when I really had to.

(Running around after 3 kids and working – I had no time for beauty and self care and I was content with that)

There were many reasons I could find to not look in the mirror or even want to dress up and put make up on. I decided that a more natural look suited me for the best. But then something changed… it was like a switch had been turned on, I won’t bore you with the details but I was able to look in the mirror and see a side of me I refused to for so long.

I learnt to love myself little by little and the woman in the mirror in my eyes changed.

So what is it within us that makes us believe when we look in the mirror that we are not feminine goddesses?

(Granted not everyone wants this, but let’s focus on those that do want to see that powerful confident woman staring back at them)


How we think and how we feel really impacts our self judgement, but also clouds our vision to what we see in the mirror.

I’m the first to admit, that a glamour model is not my idea of where I want to be. Being able to look in the mirror with confidence and not shame, guilt, hatred, despair is a massive turn around. When our self judgement clouds us, the person staring back at us in the mirror is not what we see.

The reflection I saw was how I perceived me. I had no self esteem, no self love and I had no self worth.

My message to you today, is stop, take a break and see the beauty within, because whether you can see it or not you are a powerful, beautiful, confident in your unique way.

The first step to finding your inner goddess starts with self love. Take a moment each day to recognise this beauty, the beauty of your heart. Your heart says alot about who you really are. Stop and listen to what your heart says.

Be the goddess you are, and learn to love every inch of you 🌟

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10 signs you are not accepting yourself

It’s so easy to fall into a negative dark hole and not accepting yourself. Especially if you have suffered traumatic events / abuse in your life. It still surprises me to this day how other people can impact who we are and what we want to achieve from life. If we let them. 

Just get over it they say, let it go they say, but is that enough? Is it really that simple? Of course it’s not. You have to work at it and continue to work at it. If you have ever hit rock bottom you will know what I mean. Hitting rock bottom can happen to anyone and majority of people at some point through life may feel like they have hit the deck and cannot get up again.

The good news is you can get back up again, and when you do you will find a whole new life awaits you, but it’s down to you to change the life you were living that made you hit rock bottom.

Life is a cycle of change, there ups and downs, we can even go round and round in circles and feel as though you are on a roller-coaster, however; this is life. Life isn’t all about beautiful smelling flowers, breathtaking sceneries although these little things certainly do help. It can get tough! Whether you are running a business, raising children, overcoming a health condition, fighting something that is out of your control. It really doesn’t matter what life path you are on, challenges come at us. These challenges that you face are not to make your life difficult, they are processes to help you. They show us that we are stronger than we think. You can overcome anything you want to… IF YOU CAN FULLY ACCEPT YOURSELF.

When you accept yourself as the beautiful soul you are, you lose these negative traits and life seems so much easier.

Here are 10 signs you are not accepting the beautiful soul you:

  •  feel fearful / anxious regularly Accepting yourself
  •  doubt yourself
  •  try to please everyone else
  •  struggle to find gratitude for what you do have
  •  need validation from everyone that you are doing the ‘right thing’
  •  have low self esteem and self sabotage runs your life
  •  compare yourself to others all the time
  •  have critical self talk regularly
  •  struggle to forgive yourself
  •  can’t love yourself

There are so many other traits we could add to this list, but I figured 10 was more than enough. So often I hear clients say, I can’t accept myself, how can I? I’ve been through so much there must be something wrong with me. This person told me I was useless and now I believe it. This person told me I was pathetic, and now I believe it. When you believe the negative you are entering into stuckness. You are entering into a world that is dark and difficult to climb out of. Remember; this is OK. Sometimes you need to enter into a darker space to give yourself space and time to deal with it. However; you don’t have to. You do have a choice and support is all around you if you can allow yourself to see it.

When you are living in self rejection, life can get hard, if you reject who you are as an individual you cannot accept the things you need everyday, you find yourself falling into self sabotage, lacking kindness, you may also find your emotions begin to rule your life. You don’t have to live this way. When life has hit you with several hundred curve balls, just remember you are not alone. It can feel lonely though, it can feel as though no-one could possibly understand what you are going through, this is more prominent in those who have suffered abuse. If you would like support please do join us in our Facebook Community. Click Here.

How can we turn this around?

A) Be kind to yourself

B) Find forgiveness for you and for others

C) Make a list of all the positive things you have done in your life to date – put it somewhere that you can see it every day

D) Change your self talk to positive – write down one good thing about yourself everyday

E) Accept how you feel – it’s OK to have feelings, you have the right to feel anything you want to. This doesn’t mean you have to let the feelings rule you.

F) Look within, do things that make you happy. Do things that make you smile. Find things you enjoy.

There are so many other things you can do to help yourself this is just a short guidance to help you.

The world really is your oyster, and this is all starts with you. Accept yourself as you are and watch all the negative float away

Can you imagine what it is like to fully accept yourself for all that you are and all that you want / need? 

Key things to remember: 

  • You are worthy and deserving
  • You are amazing just as you are
  • Your inner star is waiting for you to show up


Kick start 2019 with self love
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The power of self love to kick start 2019

Self love is the most vital part to make sure your goals for 2019 are reached. I’ve been on this journey for two years now, and self love keeps coming back as the starting point. In every training session, every book, every webinar series and every blog I’ve read in relation to transformation and change all starts with this basic human need. SELF LOVE.  

In my weekly email today, I’ve shared a very basic technique that can be done in just a few minutes each day to help you learn the art of Self Love.

My mentor once said to me, “Vicki, darling, if you do not love yourself you cannot love others this includes your children” I was furious, how dare anyone imply (In my perspective) I don’t love my children, they are my everything. But this is not what she meant I can’t stress this point enough. It took me a long while to grasp what self love was. So let’s take a look at self love and what it means to us as individuals.

Unconditional love to me wasn’t something I was familiar with. I thought I knew what self love meant. But unfortunately I learnt the hard way. My understanding of self love was to be, do and have all that I worked hard for. When I failed at something there was no self love. I would be so hard on myself and could not forgive myself at all. Which in turn meant I was carrying heavy burdens and putting additional pressure on myself to do better next time. The stress this had on me was extremely unhealthy but at the same time was all I knew. This was my ‘normal’. 

We can become aware of unconditional love, and yet there can still be something missing from the link, when we tell ourselves we are acting in self love we can actually be acting in self sabotage. We can also have the subconscious self sabotage. I’ll explain this in more depth below:

Example 1: Starting a diet – we get ready, set the date and the date arrives and we stick to our plan, our goal etc… THEN… day 2 – we eat something we shouldn’t. Then day 3 we are good again. Then day 4 we sabotage again. This yo-yo cycle is because of the levels of self love we have inside. If we do not truly love ourselves or believe we are worthy (which also stems from self love) we sabotage on both a conscious / subconscious level.

Example 2: Being more active – we embrace the gym… being part of gym life we need a balanced diet to help our muscles, heart and breathing. We go to the gym to be healthy, but come out of the gym and eat cake. Saying to ourselves I’ve just burnt it off so it will be OK. This completely defeats the object of going to the gym to get healthy. Other examples might include skipping the gym… leading to not going to the gym at all.

Example 3: Making time for you – block out time for you in the diary but this other thing also needs to be done… you do the other thing instead of taking you time.

In the examples above these are just some of the ways we show ourselves we are not loving ourselves, and not worthy. Everything to do with self love starts with your commitment to yourself. What makes self love so important to day to day life? 

Life can become really mundane, unfocused and stressful. Always doing the same thing, putting everyone else’s needs before your own and eventually you become worn out, ill, and forced to take some down time. Here are some negative things that happen when we are not functioning in self love:

  1. We can become resentful
  2. We can be easily irritated
  3. We can lack focus
  4. We stop taking care of ourselves
  5. Energy levels decrease
  6. Things you would normally do become stressful
  7. Time is consumed with negative unproductive thoughts
  8. Overwhelm can take over
  9. Patience levels are reduced
  10. Stress overtakes us

When we step into self love we function on a more positive level, here are some things that can happen when you are living in self love:

  1. You have reduced anger
  2. You feel secure
  3. You feel warm inside
  4. Other peoples judgement’s and opinions don’t affect you
  5. Energy levels naturally increase
  6. Negative reactions decrease
  7. We tackle our dreams and goals with ease
  8. We eat better and drink more water nourishing our bodies
  9. We don’t get sick

We feel calm and at peace with ourselves  LoveIncorporating self love into your daily routine will have positive impacts on your journey. Regardless of what your goal is. Whether your goal is business / work related, home, parenting, relationships or lifestyle etc…  The positive impact of self love is profound. I have personally tried and tested this theory and each time I focus on self love, I give myself permission to let go of negativity and life is a much better place all round. 

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