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Take the Day OFF… Your soul needs you to!

Take the day off she says, just how on earth does she expect me to do that?


It’s not an easy job being a full time mum in business. Infact, just being a full time parent is hard enough sometimes. It can be lonely, it can be stressful, it can be painful. On the otherside though, despite the challenges, despite the rollercoasters, you can find so much love and joy in your role as a mummy, so much laughter, so much growth. These little humans show you what living is all about.

Stressed out mummy, take the day off

Why are you always busy mum? Why can’t we…?¬†

Of course you are always busy, you are pulling everything out of that mary Poppins bag, making everything work like clock work as much as you can! And that’s just your mum role.

What about all the other ‘roles’ you have??¬†

Finding a balance in between the hustle of day to day life, can seem like a whirlwind of constant chaos. So let me ask you this:

What will happen with the whirlwind of chaos if you burn out?

bed cute dog female¬†If you burn out, there won’t be anyone else to manage the chaos and whirlwind life you are currently living so take some action now before it’s too late and take the day off!

Taking the day off, might seem overwhelming, might seem impossible and might send more stress signals to your brain than anything else in this life. But guess what!?!

YOU NEED TO TAKE A DAY OFF!! Here’s 10 reasons why, Your…

photo of woman in eyeglasses leaning on window sill

  1.  soul gets tired of the same old
  2.  brain becomes foggy
  3.  body becomes stiff 
  4.  motivation goes out of the window 
  5.  emotions become negative 
  6.  life gets boring
  7. friends forget you 
  8. family miss you 
  9. creativity becomes blocked
  10.  focus is stifled




It is more important for your wellbeing to take a day off every now and then… Here are the benefits of doing so:

  1. feel more energised 
  2. Gain more focus 
  3. Increase motivation 
  4. feeling more positive 
  5. soul feels alive  
  6. friends remember you 
  7. family enjoy your company 
  8. brain function increases 
  9. creativity is increased 
  10. life feels good 


If you haven’t scheduled any time off into your diary, DO IT! DO IT NOW and TAKE A DAY OFF!

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