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Confidence, Empowerment, Commitment

Confidence, Empowerment, Commitment  these powerful words can really frighten some people. The thought of feeling powerful in themselves is so alien they have forgotten how to be.

I know only too well how that feels, to not have the confidence to face the simple things, to feel so disempowered your close to the edge, to not have the ability to commit to yourself, let alone anything else.  Sometimes life can feel like a rollercoaster, you get up in the morning and really want to take charge of the day, but inside you don’t know if you can. The day will either go one of two ways:  You will either say nope… I’m doing this today, and you step into your power. Or… you look at the outside world through your window and say… nope, not today. I just can’t face it.Both of these are perfectly acceptable, it’s life, we have good days. We have bad days. It’s not the end of the world.

The difference is, when you are living a confident, empowering and committed life, you are not focussing on beating yourself up for the bad days Can I work with you? You focus solely on getting through the bad days guilt free. We are human, we get tired, we feel drained and sometimes we just need to re-charge.

To feel empowered is to feel free from the inner critic, to feel confident is to be free from the human self persecution of ‘I’m not good enough’, to be able to commit to yourself means you are free to make those choices that you crave from the inside out.

How did I manage to find my confidence, to empower myself to commit to me? Well… here goes:

1. Release the judgment you place on yourself. Remove all shoulds / coulds and would haves from your vocabulary

2. Refuse to listen to your inner critic! It’s just a bad vibe that has raised its ugly head once to often… your inner critic DOES NOT SERVE YOU. It hinders you and holds you back, it tells you no, you can’t and prevents you from forgiving your past mistakes and yourself.

3. To commit to yourself you must believe in yourself, re-train your brain to find the positives in your everyday life. You ARE worth committing to! Putting everyone else first is no longer an option… it is not selfish, it’s YOUR life.

4. Grab a journal, and start writing every day, once you have written how you feel, what you want and what’s happening around you, re-read those words to yourself… would you say that to your best friend, what advice would you give your best friend?

5. Make a list… one small list every day of all the good things you do, all the small achievements. Have you had a shower today? Brushed your teeth? Combed your hair? These are all very basic, but very much positive achievements to write about!

6. Be kind to you, being kind to yourself and learning to be your own best friend instead of judging, criticising and doubting yourself… is another step towards you living a confident, empowered and committed life

And last but no means least, my final tip for today is to access holistic therapies. I fully promote EFT, Reiki and other holistic therapies as a way to help you re-wire your brain through energetic shifts. Negative energy is all around us and drains us each and every day. Embrace some energy healing and see if you feel a difference in yourself.

Be your own best friend… and if you need help finding your inner best friend, ask for help 💖

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