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Are you really listening?

Are you REALLY listening?

Sometimes there is so much noise in our minds that we can’t hear our own thoughts clearly. We hear the phone, we hear the cars, we hear the tv, we hear the sound of everything little thing in our lives, but we don’t hear what’s going on in our hearts.

When we stop listening to ourselves, we end up in a bit of a funk!

Confused, lost, uncertain, and then we can question our own minds. Because we are no longer connected to our inner voice.

We lose the sense of trust in our own minds.  We lose the faith that we can trust our decisions. BECAUSE WE AREN’T LISTENING!

There’s this quiet voice in the background of our day to lives desperate for us to hear it.

Crying to be heard we then have the joy of dealing with the emotions, almost like a child they kick up they scream and may make us react in ways we don’t like.

So take some time even if it’s once a week to TRULY listen to your heart, your voice, your inner self. What is it trying to tell you?

Have you ignored your intuition lately? The more we ignore our own voice the more complicated life gets.

Learn to listen to you, it’s a magical thing to reconnect ✨

Taking solo walks in nature, or just sitting in silence away from the noise. It takes just a few minutes.

A really lovely and easy exercise is to sit in a garden with a notepad and let your hand just write, you may even find you don’t have to think about it. Just let the hand guide the pen as the words form across the page.



Share your experience, I’d love to hear from you. I’ve had some amazing answers that I wasn’t looking for come through when I’ve done this. It just flows…

Some people swear by light housework, when we aren’t over stretching our brains, it creates space for peace. 💕

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