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Getting to know you at your core ✨

Getting to know you at your core

It’s so easy to just roll with each day as it comes, and soon those days turn into weeks, months, and then years. As time goes on we lose touch with who we are, what we want, what our beliefs are and what our values are. Our values, beliefs and truth are all about our CORE being. The three most important things we need to know about who we are, can change at any time.

Do you know, where you stand with these 3 topics, Core Beliefs, Values, and Truth:

✨ Core Beliefs 

What are core beliefs? Core beliefs are those things in your head that says this is true to me. Here is an example: It is true to me that I love tea in the morning. Core beliefs can be both positive and negative to our wellbeing and life choices. When we hold a negative core belief this has a tendancy to stop us from doing what we really want to do.  Majority of core beliefs may stem from childhood, things we were taught and things we learnt. Some core beliefs stem from making mistakes. Some core beliefs come from experiences and events.

The main thing to remember is core beliefs are just that, a belief. When we change our belief and challenge it’s negative impact we then have a choice to change our decisions and become unstuck with our life choices.

✨Core Values

What are values? Each and every human being on this planet has different values, as children we are taught different values, as parents we teach our children what we feel are important values. Values we hold within us include: honesty, integrity, discipline, self responsibility and so on. If you can take a moment to think about your values, what would they be and what ones are really important to you? This is where your heart comes in, listen to what feels right for you and establish what your core values are. When you recognise your values it empowers you to do what is right for you.

✨ Truth

Are you living your truth? When you listen to your heart you will see the truth that you want for you life. When you listen to your head it is possible you are listening and following someone else’s truth. What is true for you? Is it true you are stuck in this mundane life and cannot move forward? Is it true to you that you can have that dream boat and make your life what you want? If you can look within to your own truths,

Take a moment to discover your core beliefs, you may find these have changed from what they used to be.

When was the last time you looked at your values? If you assess your values you may discover the path you are on doesn’t match.

Truth? This one can be tricky, your truth, is personal to you. How has that changed over time?

Staying in alignment with your own beliefs, values and truth, empowers you, why?

  •  less things go wrong
  •  more things flow in positive way
  •  reduced stress levels
  •  feel more at peace with life

Stay connected with you 💖 it helps you stay true to who you really are. Not what everyone else wants you to be. You are a unique being, with opportunity, potential and growth in your hands. 🌟

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