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When will you decide to be happy?

I wasn’t truly happy…

remembering those days when nothing I did was good enough. Every corner I turned there was another obstacle, another problem, another issue.

My life was based around other people being happy, and when they weren’t happy I couldn’t be. Happy

As life went on, this became a habit. I wouldn’t allow myself to be happy… then I established this old belief that if I ‘get happy’ more s*** would hit the fan! I wasn’t wrong in that belief due to the circumstances I was in. But… as I changed my life, this old habit stayed with me! This old belief wouldn’t go, so for some time I remained unhappy!

There was always something to complain about or be sad about, or be problematic in my life.

This belief was based on experience, I could not allow myself to be happy, as if I was something / someone would come along and crush that  joy within me.

This was a hard lesson for me to learn, for me to be truly happy within, I had to learn ‘how’! Crazy stuff right there! Are you are in this space? Get in touch! 

When you are surrounded by critical people who are unhappy in themselves, you can pick up their traits and adopt these behaviours particularly if you have been around it for some time.

Being truly happy means to be content in your own skin! No longer allowing your flaws to be a problem. EMBRACE the flaws within you... you are a unique being, not part of the crowd and you definitely do not have to ‘fit’ inside their box!



What makes you happy? Make a list of the things that fill your heart with joy… make a list of the hobbies you do, find gratitude in your life and amazing things start to happen!

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