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Take out the Garbage…

Take out the garbage, empty the bin, go to the tip, recycle it’s all part of day to day life.

When you look at the bin and can see it’s overflowing, does it overwhelm you? Maybe it makes you feel disgust? Perhaps it’s stinky and you just want it out…

Emptying the kitchen bin, is part of day to day life. Cleaning whether it be your house, car, office etc… is part of day to life in the physical form.

As we progress through each day, mess and dirt accumulates, it’s the same for our mind, body and soul.

As we venture through life we collect rubbish, we eat junk food, we are told to believe things that aren’t true, we are lead by fear.

This brings me to a really important activity that we can do each day/ week / month, you decide.

For Example: On the last day of each month, write a list of:

  • anything that caused you pain
  • the bad days
  • the negative self talk (specific for you)
  • events that were stressful
  • people who upset you
  • electrical items that have played up

anything at all that you can think of for each month that you still remember… Write it down.

As you write it, place the words – I forgive this and forgive myself. For EACH item.

The next step is take the piece of paper and burn it. As you watch it burn, say to yourself – I forgive all of this!

Then have a bath in salts, or take a shower and relax knowing the month has passed and a new month can arrive in peace. A fresh slate every month, that doesn’t take much effort but can bring you peace ✨

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