Self Acceptance and Clarity
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When Self Acceptance and Clarity are your Foundation Points

Gaining clarity can seem difficult when you are under pressure and stressed, but what is it that ‘puts’ pressure and stress on us? Let’s take a moment to really look at the bigger picture.

When we are stressed are we living with complete self acceptance? The very simple answer to this is no! No we are not living in self acceptance when we are stressed or under pressure.  When we are stressed we are not in our flow. We might not be functioning in positive self talk either here are some examples of what I mean:

A) We might be telling ourselves its all too much 

B) We might be telling ourselves we can’t do it 

C) We might be telling ourselves we have too much to do and not enough time 

D) We might be telling ourselves we are not good enough 

E) We might be telling ourselves we are failures 

This negative self talk creeps in when we are stressed and under pressure, we can forget the basics, we can forget to look after ourselves and even forget to breathe. The breath is vital when stress kicks in as this is one way in which we can calm our reactions.

What does stress have to do with self acceptance? Have you ever noticed in some people when they are dealing with stressful situations /  issues they remain calm, consistent and not a lot seems to phase them? This is mainly because they accept themselves and don’t see the issues they are phasing as personal issues.

When you truly accept yourself as you are dealing with life’s stressor’s comes with more peace. Accepting yourself is the foundation to peace and clarity, it really is that simple.

Something I recently discovered for myself was a family issue came up of quite a serious nature and it hit me hard. I had a lot of things I had to contend with and through this I found this slightly difficult to deal with on a personal level, mainly because it is a personal thing I’m dealing with. But on reflection and letting the emotions flow, I’ve recognised that a part of me has fallen ‘victim’ again. When we have been through trauma the victim part of us can resurface time and time again. The moment I recognised I’m functioning in victim mode, I have been able to turn this around and the stress has lifted. I have taken my power back, this situation is not personal about me as a person, this is not my fault. I cannot control someone else’s actions. This in turn has given me clarity about me  that I can deal with these issues proactively, but also I’m allowed to feel sad, angry and uncertain. My emotions are perfectly acceptable for this situation. I accept myself!

Using EFT I also have the power to help me ‘deal’ with the issues we as a family are facing. Recognising that I’ve taken on the victim mindset but also allowing my emotions to flow is a huge part of the process. My old habits and behaviours would have been to completely blame myself and sink into despair. I’ve worked hard on my own personal journey to help me let go of this and this situation and the knowledge I have gained has allowed me to see this situation in a different light. Has given me the strength to be able to function and also see that I can accept myself, I no longer need to punish myself for other peoples actions! Hallelujah, it’s a work in progress but changes do take place and change does happen! Even when you don’t believe it can.

If you are struggling right now with a situation / person that is affecting you, take a step back. Write down the facts, write down your beliefs and ask yourself this:

“Am I fully accepting myself in this situation?”

If you are struggling right now and can’t see the wood through the trees, I may be able to help. Book a discovery session now!



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