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It has to be perfect! Or I won’t be able to rest…

Perfection doesn’t exist, yet somehow we manage to find ourselves striving for perfection… quite extraordinary isn’t it?! We push ourselves to reach something that doesn’t even exist…

Are we just striving to be stressed as it’s easier to push through when we are stressed? If we apply pressure and be hard on ourselves then maybe we will be more productive? Maybe we will achieve more. Maybe this is true to some degree, but this is mainly true to only what we believe.

Again I have tried and tested this theory… example:

I can get myself hyped up and ready to take action, completely tunnel vision focus until the job / task at hand is complete and I won’t rest until it is done… the problem with this it’s not a positive trait to have. It’s really unhelpful to our minds / bodies.

So what is it within us that makes us believe we have to be stressed until the task at hand is complete?

When I went through this discovery of trying to unravel why I allowed myself to be so focused and stressed was because I couldn’t face the let down or disappointment if I failed.

But I took part in the Emotional Health Centre’s healing sequences. Audio number 7 – Healing stress. This Audio captured my every fear / belief as to why I had to be stressed and pressure myself beyond belief. It was a fantastic healing tool to use.

Follow the sequence every day for 7-10days and see how you get on. Here’s the link, there is a £10.00 charge payable via PayPal 💖

The Emotional Toothbrush Series is an energetic healing sequence by Ranjana Appoo, I still use the emotional toothbrush series to help me on occasion and highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to embrace the healing journey.

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