Self development

It’s all too serious, lets change that!

Bumbling along, doing day to day activities, pressures of work, home life and parenting can take their toll. There’s so much to do and just not enough hours in the day. Stress steps in and fun takes a step back.

Sometimes, my head gets so busy with the things I have to do, I forget to laugh! Yes you heard that right, I get myself into the zone and I actually forget how to laugh, I become little miss serious, no time or patience for fun, just DO, DO, DO!

This was partly what made me love riding a motorbike so much, it takes me away from the mundane and reminds me to have fun and enjoy myself.

Sometimes the silly things that my kids say / do I give a little smile as my head is elsewhere, but on the days I’m relaxed and a bit more chilled I will actually laugh at the little things with them.

I learn so much about myself in my line of work, its a work of progress uncovering different layers that exist within us, old behaviours and patterns. The days have long gone where I was ignorant to my own patterns, but now they are in the forefront of my brain all the time, which can be a pain, but also gives me an opportunity to check in with myself, my values, my beliefs. Is anything in this world more important than laughter and being present? I personally, don’t believe so. is it easy to do?? Helllll noooo! Practice makes perfect though and this is where we access our personal power, knowledge is key.

Being present and in the moment allows us to laugh, see, hear and be. When we step into the now, we are living. When we allow our thoughts to dictate to us we MISS OUT, on living!

What makes you laugh? When was the last time you laughed? What could make you laugh today?

Sometimes we simply need to breath and look at the bigger picture, find something funny and embrace the moment of laughter.

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