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What is the term, ‘floating through life’?

I heard someone say this to me a few weeks ago,  “I like to float through life”. My goodness my reaction to this was not what I expected, I was shocked, mesmerized and heavily confused.  I placed a very heavy judgment in that moment. What I realise now, is that it affected me because I cannot imagine floating through life with no goals, dreams or ambitions. It is against my personal values, my judgment, my perception, my BELIEF.

There are several countries in this world where culturally people float through life, just take each day as it comes and don’t worry about their dreams or ambitions, they simply accept life as it is. Theoretically and through history the Jamaican lifestyle is like this and in the words of Bob Marley – no worries, be happy. There are people in this world that don’t live with the high stress and pressure us Brits put on ourselves.

But… who would we be, if we were not striving for more than we have become. I do understand the principle of caring less, and letting go of the worries etc… But just like after the world wars. Those who died fighting for us to live on, did they die with a choice of ‘floating through life’ or did they decide to fight for better futures for generations to come?

Looking at this quote in a different way, it could mean we do all we need to do and strive for success with ease. Achieving goals with no stress and no obstacles and no fear… Now that would seem a much better assumption and quite attractive. But is it realistic in this society?

As a child I had lots of ambition and drive, I wanted to over achieve in everything, I even took homework when the teacher hadn’t set any because I wanted to improve my own abilities/ skills and I wanted to learn to be the best I could be. This trait has not left me.

The ambition and drive I’ve always had has pushed me to experience life, overcome fears and prove to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to.

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If I didn’t have drive, ambition, determination, where would I be in my life? This is my belief, I need to have drive, ambition, determination. As this is who I am. That doesn’t make me any better or any less than anyone else in this world. But it does make me… ME.

It was very wrong of me to feel that judgement, part of the human anatomy we feel more than we think. As a transformational life coach if I didn’t believe in my own values then I wouldn’t be living life the way I choose, I would be living the way other people want me to and therefore would not be able to coach others into living to their highest potential.

Living a dream is just a dream for some, but my focus is to make dreams a reality and this is what I choose for ME and anyone else who wants to make their dreams a reality.

So… Floating through life is how some people choose to live and this is perfectly OK for them. I made a choice it’s not OK for me. What’s your choice? 

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