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STRESS, stress, STRESS, stress…

The above picture is a classic image of how stress can impact our reactions and emotions in life. Just a simple thing like dropping your ice cream on the floor can cause an outburst of emotion. Realistically it’s just an ice cream, few £’s not the end of the world in the grand scheme of things. realistically, people are tragically dying, falling ill and all kinds of other things are happening in the world, yet here we are stressing over an ice cream dropped on the floor. I’m the first to admit that the smallest things are normally the things to tip me over the edge, when I’m stressed out. In fact this is how I know I’m stressed.

But it’s not really the ice cream that’s caused an outburst of emotion. It’s how we feel inside that causes us to feel stressed. If you’ve had a bad morning for example and you then drop the ice cream that you bought to help you feel better and let go of the mornings stressors then ultimately we may feel like the universe is against us.

The universe is not against you, despite how it feels. The truth is bad days happen, they show up to test us and push us into our strength, when we allow emotion to take over our life we are not being present or in the moment, we are living in the stress of past, future and old patterning / beliefs.

When do you recognise you are stressed? What makes you stressed and what can you do about it? 

I recently went to the GP with what I thought was a kidney infection (kidney’s relate to fear) I had this burning pain across the middle of back, radiating to the right hand side and all across my lower back, I had been suffering headaches and was generally not feeling well. The GP looked at me, and asked “are you under a lot of stress at the moment?… Hhhhhmmmm I didn’t feel stressed but there are things in my life I’m dealing with, but that’s life. She was convinced my physical symptoms were stress related.  So I took a step back and really tuned into myself, am I stressed? What is stressing me out? I then realised, I’ve begun to live in fear again, fear of not being good enough, fear of actually getting what I want, fearful of old habits of self sabotage, fearful that I’m not worthy enough, I’m functioning on fear… So of course my body is showing me that I need to let go of the fear and let go of the old beliefs that are causing me to be stressed.

With the fear am I being true to me? Of course not, so my stress levels are increasing and my body is showing me where I need to let go and put my own resources and tools to work.

When we are stressed, the body reacts in physical ways and with that we begin to feel dis-ease.

What are your symptoms of stress? How do you know you are stressed? How does your body react when you are stressed? What tools and resources do you have in your life to help you let go of stress and find your inner peace? 

Find your inner peace and watch the stress subside.

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