self love

Do you really love yourself?

Have you spent years of your life trying to please everyone else? Have you ever just looked in the mirror and said who the hell am I?

Have you looked around you and just felt out of place?

Are you trying to fit in at work, home, with friends and just can’t seem to find your happy place? Do you just go with the flow to keep the peace?

I remember one day a few years ago. I looked in the mirror and had no idea of the person staring back at me. I had lost myself. Although I don’t think I ever really did find myself.

Raising a family from a young age and being career focussed I didn’t have time for ‘me’. And on the rare occasion I did just sitting in silence with a cup of tea was heaven.

When I did finally take time for me, I realised that I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had always been so busy doing things for everyone else I was completely lost…

I had reached the age of 30 and I honestly just didn’t know who I was. As time passed I realised I had some inner demons I needed to heal, I needed to explore life and the world around me, but I also needed a lot of time to just be on my own.

After taking the steps to train in EFT to support my personal development and heal past stuff. I realised that I had potential to just be happy with who I was and what I wanted and how I was going to achieve it.

One of the biggest hurdles I had to work on was being ok with who I was. I was so busy being hard on myself that I refused point blank to do anything just for me. I didn’t feel worthy.

My mind monkey critic, wouldn’t allow me to see anything positive about myself.

Sometimes we can let the mind monkeys take over and we criticise ourselves so much that it becomes habit to be hard on ourselves.

Retraining our brains is possible, but can take time and patience.

Have you ever sat with your best friend and they are struggling so much that you find the positives and try and help them see beyond the dark days? What if you could do this for yourself?

Learn to become your own best friend 💖 it’s easier than you think and one very simple trick is to begin a journal. Start writing your thought and feelings and ask yourself if this was your best friend in that situation, what would you do?? What would you say? How could you help them find helpful solutions?

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