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When you need to avoid and run, what are you truly running from?

There’s been several times in my life when I’ve personally experienced this need / want to run away… just take off start a Fresh and not look back.

It’s all part of being human, but what do we actually achieve by running away and avoiding all that life has to offer?

Admittedly; some days are grey with really thick clouds and some days are bright yellow, and blue and clear with the sun in the sky.

But what does any of that mean when you are running and avoiding all that life has to offer? Are you running from the situation? The stress? The emotions? Or maybe yourself??

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When we choose to avoid life, we are further sabotaging ourselves, and saying we are not worthy. We are not strong and we don’t have the answers or strength to move forward with this. Some days you may not feel strong, but remember all those things you have overcome? You DO have strength, even when you don’t feel like you do.

In the moment, running away, starting a fresh, seems like such a wonderful idea, it seems peaceful, it seems fresh, it seems ideal. Not facing the problems you are trying to avoid, not facing reality as it is. However; there are times when avoiding and running from our problems just means we take them with us and prolong the agony.

If you are seriously considering running away and escaping the here and now, have a think about the following:

  • Will it still be there in your mind?
  • Is it really going to solve your problems?
  • What is it you are truly running from?
  • What will running away / avoiding achieve?
  • Will it truly bring you peace? 
  • Is it your current situation? 
  • A person? 
  • Or is it your way of thinking that keeps you trapped and feeling stuck? 
  • Are you lacking clarity? 

Finding internal peace and clarity is a much healthier way to explore issues that are causing us so much stress, running and avoiding is also a way to self sabotage. Which potentially in the long run will cause more harm than good.

If you felt differently about the situation and were emotionally unattached from the outcome what would be different and how would you be responding now?

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