negative beliefs, self sabotage

Self sabotage and procrastinate…

Are you losing motivation? Do you keep avoiding doing the things you need to? Maybe it’s just not that important? Or maybe it can wait for another day?

Have you found yourself wondering why the pile of paperwork is piling up? Or why your life has become disorganised?

Have you considered that YOUR procrastination is in fact your way to avoid your emotions? Fear of failure and fear of success are key emotions that lead to procrastination.

What does procrastination achieve?

Absolutely nothing!! Although it can add stress, sleepless nights and intense worry and anxiety that what you need to do hasn’t been done AGAIN. It’s a great way to SELF SABOTAGE and also another reason to beat yourself up…

What are the consequences of your procrastination?

1. Things are done beyond deadline

2. Life becomes chaotic and disorganised

3. You fail

4. Stress levels are increased

5. Life becomes more difficult to manage

Are these positive consequences or are the consequences holding you hostage and in a negative frame of mind?

Why do we do it?

A) We don’t love ourselves enough to do it

B) We feel unable to do it

C) We are subconsciously self sabotaging

D) We think it’s going to be too hard

E) Fear of success

F) Fear of failure

G) We can’t be bothered

H) It’s too easy to be distracted

I) Too tired is a classic card to pull

J) Lacking self belief

What happens when you push through procrastination and start achieving?

1. Life becomes easier

2. Life is more organised

3. Life is less stressful

4. You sleep better

5. To do list gets shorter and overwhelm subsides

What can you do to push through and overcome procrastination:

*ask yourself if you are procrastinating?

*set yourself a deadline ie: within the next hour I am going to… then time yourself – you may surprise yourself and find it doesn’t take as long as you thought 😁

*remind yourself that tiredness is because you want to avoid doing it.

*push yourself to achieve that one task, and do one task at a time

*refocus your brain on the task

*access EFT to help break the cycle of learnt / bad behaviours / negative beliefs

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