Self development

When self hate becomes your fall back…

It’s tough living in today’s world, so much pressure to ‘be’, ‘do’ and ‘have’, the need to survive, the need to get it right with every turn.

It’s so easy to keep falling back into the same habit of self hate, every time you get it wrong, every time you fight to be more than you are, pushing through the old patterns and then they come back and raise their ugly heads…

I like to reflect a lot, and enjoy researching different aspects of us humans and how we choose to be.

Self hate is not only painful to see and feel, it’s a way to punish yourself just like you would when you are a child.

Children get told off, and immediately sulk and retreat within, they say I must be bad, I’m not loveable because of what I did, and it goes on.

When you feel self hate, ask yourself this: who would I be if I could forgive myself?

What would be different if I found the compassion within to accept any mistakes and learn from them.

When learning something new, you are bound to get something wrong, until your knowledge, skill, confidence and flow grows.

Realistically we all know this, we all know that it’s ok to make a mistake but so many of us struggle when we do make that mistake. Regardless of how big or small it is, we find a way to internalise blame and struggle to find the forgiveness within ourselves.

We use words like ‘should’, ‘could’ and put ourselves under immense pressure because of this.

Today you can choose to be consciously aware of how you feel when you make a mistake and give yourself the forgiveness for it, this is how we grow from the inside out.

When you choose to forgive yourself, you give yourself freedom, and also choose to let go of the self hate habits that have formed within.

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