Self development

Is the world really fighting with you, or is it your inner demons raising their ugly head?

Sometimes when you think the world is hating you it can feel so real. Why are all these things happening? When is the struggle going to end?

When will I be allowed to just be happy and at peace?

I personally spent years of my life just waiting for the next hurdle then the next and then the next. Life just didn’t seem to get any easier.

The struggle is real, and to keep on fighting tires you out. You end up so tired you start losing your fight, determination, and you slowly crash and burn.

So what can you do to change it?

Start at looking within, review where you are at? Where do you want to go? What is holding you back? What thoughts / feelings stop you doing what you need to?

Have you fully recovered from the past? Is your past haunting you?

If you truly look within, have you forgiven your self for past mistakes? Have you forgiven the circumstances and any others that may be involved in the past?

Maybe you are still carrying the old hurts and pain? Look within, now could be your time to let the healing take place.

It’s quite liberating when we let go of the past, the fears, the burdens, the memories and the emotions. Living a more peaceful and in the moment life is so much better 💖

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