Self belief

What does the mirror show you today?

I spent years of my life, hating my own reflection. I could barely look in the mirror and pictures were very few and far between.

I didn’t see anything except disgust and hatred for who I was. Yet I had achieved and done so much with my life. But I just couldn’t see any good in myself.

Was there anyone to blame for this lack of self worth, and self esteem? Yes of course there was, there had been incidents, drama, trauma and so much more.

I could’ve made a list of all the reasons why I ‘should’ hate who I was, and who’s fault it was.

Every time I looked in the mirror I found faults with who I was. There was nothing I could say that was positive about who I was.

One of my business coaches looked at me one day, she said ‘Vicki, my darling, look deep within you. You are an amazing woman. You are beautiful, kind, smart and truly amazing in every way. Look at what you have and are achieving. Look at your children, you are an inspiration to many’.

I couldn’t see what she saw, I just crumbled in that moment and had nothing to say except I didn’t see that.


When I started this journey I could never have imagined in a million years I’d be able to say I’m a good person with a huge heart. I do now…

When we choose to change and see the good in our own hearts. We choose to change the ‘past’.

When we change how we view the past by healing old wounds, we find forgiveness in ourselves and for things we have been through. We find peace and clarity for all we are in the here and now.

The power to change old belief systems, lies within us. Making that change to accept our own self love is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

Change how you view yourself in that mirror each and every day. Here’s a short list of how you can start making changes today:

1. Say to yourself – “yes I can”

2. Repeat to yourself – “I am worthy”

3. Write to yourself – “my past does not define me”

4. Say to yourself – “I’m stronger than I feel”

5. Refrain from judging yourself

6. Love you for who you are

7. Be kind to yourself

8. Learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes

9. Tell yourself you are loved and loveable

10. Do one thing every day that promotes self love

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