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Expectation is a great way to ruin your chances of success

Have you ever considered this? What can expectation do for you? It can give you hope, it can lead you to believe that things will work out JUST THE WAY YOU PLANNED.

But let’s get serious here for a moment, how many times have you wanted something to  be just perfect and you’ve set yourself an expectation of how it’s going to be and ended up facing extreme disappointment and frustration?

How many times have you said to yourself that life has not turned out how you expected it to?

Can you recall a time when you planned something and then said, what will be, will be and it turns out much better than you thought it would?

Expectation comes to us with unrealistic views, fear, anxiety. When you let go of the expectation and accept what will be, will be; you’ll find yourself relaxing. Accepting that you’ve done your best and that is good enough.

It doesn’t always seem that we can let go of the ‘expectation’ or even the expectation of others, but here is where it venture’s into other areas, expectation brings anxiety, fear and a sense of feeling unsettled and most of all just brings you unnecessary STRESS. Expectation is not a positive, hope on the other hand is a positive, you can hope that things will turn out ok, and as planned, but as this is life it is almost guaranteed that curve balls will be thrown out there and it won’t go as smoothly as ‘expected’.

Let go of expectation and you have hope thrown in with a little faith, which brings you a much happier outcome and most of all inner peace 🙂

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