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Are you ready to ‘let go’?

There’s a theme everywhere at the moment, about ‘letting go’. But one question comes up repeatedly. How do I let go?

How can I find the strength to let go, my brain won’t permit me to let go. My brain doesn’t shut up! Not ever, it just spins and spins, and then I quiet it by focusing on other things and then it’s bed time and I’m laying there desperately trying to get to sleep, but 3am comes and I’m still wide awake overthinking everything and by this point I’m now blaming myself and others for all the wrongs in the world. Yet all I hear is ‘let it go’…

And then the Frozen song comes to mind, let it go… oh blimey how on earth can I get back to sleep now with that song in my head…

WHAT THE HELL DO THEY MEAN LET IT GO?? My brain doesn’t know how!!

Does this sound familiar to you?

Sometimes these fandangle brains of the human body can over take us, leaving us overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated, confused and drained. Lack of sleep on top of overthinking / over-analysing everything we are in trouble. So how do you fix it? How do you resolve it?

Some try:

  1. meditation
  2. hypnosis
  3. woman wearing black shirt surrounded by grass
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  5. exercise and changing diet
  6. reading a good book
  7. medication from the GP
  8. herbal medications
  9. hot bath
  10. watch a film
  11. counselling – plus many more different tactics but my favourite of all…
  12.  EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

Try the list above and give me your feedback on what works for you 🙂

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