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I’ll never be good enough

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Somethings still surprise me, here is a classic limiting belief that plagues us humans.

I’m NOT GOOD ENOUGH… is this true? Of course it isn’t. But does it FEEL true?

You can ask yourself “Am I good enough?” – I can just see that dark ball in your stomach saying no.

I can almost here your inner critic saying ‘hell no!’ and reaming off a series of experiences / excuses that make you feel like you are not good enough.

Have you considered what it could be like to no longer believe that you’re worthless and won’t ever be?

It’s such a sour and bitter feeling, that may lead to depression and adds anxiety to our lives.

At some point in our lives we all go through this, we use experiences to say we failed, but did we really fail? What if our paths were being redirected to something more beautiful and peaceful? What if the lesson we needed to learn was to find compassion and forgiveness in ourselves. Not others, ourselves. Yes I’ve repeated that twice, and with good reason.

Ask yourself now, am I worthy of forgiveness? Did you feel any pain / discomfort in your body as you said that? These key signs of uncomfortable feelings / thoughts are negative limiting beliefs that with a little bit of work can be reversed.

Of course there are several different types of healing tools that can help with, such as hypnosis, meditation, writing a journal etc… sometimes these tools don’t have lasting effects, which is why I personally use EFT and boost the healing with reiki.

What tools will you use to to let go of the ‘I’m not good enough’ traits we mentally and emotionally store?

2 thoughts on “I’ll never be good enough”

    1. Hello Dani,
      We sometimes need to remind ourselves, that we have control of our emotions, but first we must acknowledge how we feel in order to understand the emotion we are feeling or suppressing.
      When we suppress our emotions they are left to fester which leads to a massive build up further down the road.
      Writing a personal journal is a good way to try and u derstand how you feel and why.
      I hope this helps x

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