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My Journey to here…

Everyone has a story to tell, everyone is living their own journey. What can life give you when you’ve been hypothetically in the gutter several times over? Well I can personally tell you that at times I honestly felt there was nothing more I could give.

I’d been beaten down by life, family, relationship and business, that I felt I couldn’t ‘handle’ any more curve balls, my brain, my emotions, my physical abilities all dropped to the lowest point… this my dear readers is called a big fat BURN OUT!

I was sooo exhausted each day I would hope that the next I would get me back. It took me over a year after closing my business to pull myself back up to a point where I believed I could move forward once again. (I learned to ride a motorbike at this point!! Yes, it’s a big girls bike)

During this year, I took lots of time for just ME, as well as spending quality time with my children. Through the 4 years I was in business they really missed out on having their mummy around and ‘present’ – how many other families suffer in this way? I’m sure you can relate.

So I re-evaluated where I was going after just a few months of not working. I realised I had some deep wounds I had to heal before I could even contemplate getting back out into the world again. So I decided to retrain in something I was very passionate about EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – so I could help myself, and now that I’m ready,  to help others too.

My purpose is not just to help, but to make a real difference to day to day life for others. I made several mistakes in my business, I run myself into the ground I worked all the hours I could whilst raising 3 children. My business was a good business with a good reputation, and I made many business relationships that I’m very pleased to say I can now call my friends too.

So what is this purpose I speak of? Well, it’s all about empowering others  to heal their wounds and fly higher than they thought they could. I’m not talking fairy tales, I’m talking real life achievements. progress, fun, adventure. Doing all the things you thought you couldn’t.

Whilst I can’t promise the earth, I’m a life coach with business & marketing experience, it doesn’t mean I wave a magic wand and make everything better, but what I do is provide a new challenge, and opportunity to heal the blocks that are stopping you thriving in business, empower you to take hold of the reigns and guide you in your journey.

The sky is only as high as the limit you place on it… Are you ready for that change?

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